See what the Downton Abbey cast would look like if they were dogs

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Suck it, William Wegman! Your dogs are talentless hacks. What, you think you can just slip a blond wig and a pair of pearls on a Weimaraner and pass it off as Princess Di? Assuming the role of a canine version of a celebrity requires persistence, hard work, talent, and many grueling hours in smizing boot camp. That's why the good folks at Dogster have assembled a group of BAFTA-trained, canine Actors Equity members (or, alternatively, Photoshopped stock images) to present their vision of what the cast of Downton Abbey would look like if they were played by different breeds of dogs

Because I only watched about four minutes of Downton Abbey on Netflix before realizing that I was too dumb to understand what they were saying through their English accents, the humor of this list is probably lost on me. However, I'm sure if you're a faithful viewer of the show and/or a hardcore dog person, there is nothing funnier than comparing Lady Mary Crawley to a poodle because they share the same "haughty demeanor earned through centuries of breeding and/or inbreeding." And you probably don't need to have watched Downton Abbey at all to know that a Persian cat is the only organism on Earth that can play Dame Maggie Smith better than Dame Maggie Smith herself.

Yeah, bitch, you better work that smirk.