See your first glimpse at the return of “Absolutely Fabulous”

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In case you haven't heard, renowned British sitcom Absolutely Fabulous — which follows the status-obsessed, boozy, bitchy pair of Edina Monsoon and Patsy Stone — is returning for three specials in celebration of the show's twentieth (!) anniversary. The first of the three will be a Christmas special, and we're just now starting to get our first looks at how the characters have held up.

Hm. Twitter and blog jokes, eh? Don't get me wrong, there are always good jokes to be made about those two topics, and "My favorite cheese" is definitely the sort of random thing I never needed to know that some bored people actually share online. But I have a bad feeling that too much of the humor here is simply supposed to come from the word "Twitter" itself, and that is… not the most groundbreaking thing, let's say. That being said, I'm going to withhold some judgment until I can see the full special — I think we all know why we really watch, and that is Edina and Patsy when they're drunk and mean. I can handle some potentially flat topical references in exchange for such a glorious thing.