Chelsea Handler offends Serbia

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Chelsea Handler is not one to mince words, and earlier this week, some of her unminced words had Serbian citizens seeing red.

While joking about Amy Winehouse's comeback debacle in Belgrade during a June 20 taping of Chelsea Lately, Handler insinuated that the entire country of Serbia was a "disappointment," and read a statement from the Serbian Defense Minister saying how shameful and disappointing Winehouse's concert was. Then, right on cue, Handler remarked, "Guess what? So is your country."

And now the Serbian people are pissed off and demanding an apology. This reminds me of the stink that was made back in January by Bosnians angered at the line "Bosnia, they don't have roads, but they have Facebook?" uttered by Rashida Jones' character in The Social Network. Something seems to get lost in the translation with our cultural products in that part of the world.

So the obligatory Facebook page calling for a boycott of Handler and Chelsea Lately advertisers has already been created, and the man behind the page, Filip Filipi, said he was "in talks" with Handler's management team, and that he expects an official apology very soon. But I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for a "my bad" from Handler herself; I just can't see it coming from the same woman who cracked the mighty ego of Gene Simmons.