Seth MacFarlane plans to remake “The Flintstones” for Fox

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Fox's latest programming decision may have you hollering "yabba dabba don't." The network has announced that Seth MacFarlane, the mastermind behind Family Guy and American Dad, will revive The Flintstones. If you ever thought the first family of Bedrock was in dire need of fart jokes and sexual innuendo, then I guess this is good news. My guess is most will prefer to remember the classic cartoons of our childhood untainted. 

At a press conference held earlier today, MacFarlane said, “The characters will look the same but the only thing that will change is the stories… What’s the [prehistoric] version of an iPod?” Somehow I'm skeptical the reboot of the show will maintain the cheesy whimsy of the original. Though it will probably be happily embraced by all those intelligent-design evangelicals who insist humans coexisted with the dinosaurs. But really, is a new version of The Flintstones really necessary? Remakes are so prehistoric.