Showtime releases first promo for their “Shameless” remake

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Starring William H. Macy, Emmy Rossum, and Joan Cusack, Shameless focuses on a… wildly imperfect working class family in the Chicago area. Macy plays the alcoholic Frank Gallagher, layabout father to a gang of kids who each have their own peccadilloes. Rossum plays the oldest and most responsible child, and Cusack will be the romantic interest for Frank:

From what I can tell, this looks to be hewing pretty close to the original series, plot-wise (the daughter's relationship, the gay son, etc.). In fact, I even think some of the narration in the promo is taken verbatim from the British version. That's not too surprising — The Office did much the same when it first came over; of course, its first season was nowhere near its best, so hopefully Shameless will branch off on it own soon.

But it does seem like emotionally, the US version will have a few more dramatic bits than the original, which was sometimes almost cartoonish. Hopefully it will work out.