Smell-O-Vision might come to your TV sooner than you think, say researchers

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If you think 3D and IMAX movie screens are an assault to the senses, just wait until you experience Smell-O-Vision. The aromatic concept is a lot closer to coming to fruition than you think. Researchers at the University of California, San Diego, in conjunction with Samsung, have created a device that can be attached to your TV or phone and can actually generate odors. Here's how it works: a grid of wires heats one of thousands of aqueous solutions to produce a scent of your choosing. So far two perfumes have been tested and were detectable from up to thirty centimeters away.

There is so much potential here, especially for advertisers. (Just think about what this means for fast-food commercials alone.) But do we really want to smell everything that we see? One thing's for sure. Whatever the implications of this newfound technology may be, let's leave porn out of it.