SNL ends streak of good hosts by choosing Katy Perry

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I was just yesterday discussing with my roommate how Saturday Night Live has been on something of a hot streak lately. (Well, as hot as that show gets. A lukewarm streak?) The writing has been more or less the same as it ever is — though the crop of outrageous Republican presidential hopefuls is probably giving the writers an assist — but the show has been simply nailing it when it comes to picking hosts. This season so far we've seen the likes of Alec Baldwin, Melissa McCarthy, Charlie Day, Anna Faris, and Emma Stone; their individual episodes may not have all been stellar, but these are all actors with proven comedy chops who really threw themselves into the material they were given. It's almost as if SNL figured that their ratings won't be great anyway, so they may as well let the extremely funny guy best known for an FX sitcom host the damn thing.

But oh, how silly I was to think that this might last! That maybe they'd bring back Jon Hamm, and then get some first timers like Joel McHale or Kat Dennings or either of the leads from Harold and Kumar. (You know, people who can actually be funny.) No:

Blargh. Katy Perry seems… game, I guess, and she certainly has a knack for getting into some funny characters putting on nerdy glasses. But why, why take this chance when you were doing so well this year, SNL? Does her manager know where you buried that body?

The one good thing about all this: she's bringing Robyn with her as the musical guest! Yay Robyn! Let's listen to her instead of thinking about how bad this episode will be.

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