SNL may add a fourth cast member this fall

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Lorne Michaels must be trying to create more jobs, because this season – in addition to the three players he's already added to the cast – a fourth member may join the 36th season of SNL this fall. Who is this mystery actor?

Jay Pharoah: twenty-two-year-old stand-up comic from Virginia and, um, black man. (The cast is in some serious need of diversity, especially since Tracy Morgan left, leaving Keenan Thompson to play every celebrity that falls darker than George Hamilton on the color wheel.)

Pharoah says one of his greatest role models growing up was Eddie Murphy, whom also joined the cast at a ridiculously young age; Murphy was nineteen.

According to Huffpo, if Pharoah is added, this fall will make for the largest influx of talent since 2001 when Seth Meyers, Amy Poehler, Dean Edwards and Jeff Richards joined the cast.

Check out his scary-good impressions of Denzel Washington and Will Smith, in which he looks nothing like the picture above.

Nuance, folks. Nuance.

Via Huffpo