Sorry: “Sex and the City” is coming back to TV

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Have any of you read The Passage? It's a novel about a virus that causes people to turn into sort-of vampires that live forever (maybe) and are nearly impossible to kill. Carrie Bradshaw is basically one of these vampires, because no matter how diminishing the returns are of each new incarnation of Sex and the City, they keep happening! And it's happening again, some more, except on TV this time and probably without any of the things that made the original series enjoyable¹:

The project was pitched to [the CW] on Friday and bought in the room… The Carrie Diaries is a young-adult novel that chronicles Carrie’s senior year of high school in a small New England town. Because of its young skew, it was never considered for HBO.

So this show won't the glamor of a wildly consumerist New York City lifestyle that most of us will never get to experience or the endless stream of hot guys taking their shirts off? I mean, I'm assuming here — Carrie will probably have two boys who are competing for love of her life², or something, a situation that will have zero dramatic tension because we know who she ends up with.

A deal is being worked out between Warner Brothers and HBO that would allow them to incorporate characters or stories from the original series, however, so maybe we will see some familiar faces. (Mr. Big as a young, up-and-coming real-estate mogul looking to turn the local retirement home into a swanky spa resort? Samantha as the wild girl who blows through town, in many senses of the word, and shakes up Carrie's quiet life? Aiden as someone I still don't care about?) You might as well get over your misgivings and just hope for this to be good, because it's clear now that Sex and the City will never die.

¹Yeah, I said it: Sex and the City was good.

²This is the only acceptable way for a teenage-girl character to date anymore, by law.