Staples to sell Office-themed Dunder Mifflin paper

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The Office

Office aficionados and people who buy paper in bulk will be excited to learn that the show's fictional paper company Dunder Mifflin will soon be a reality. At least kind of. 

NBC has licensed the Dunder Mifflin title to Staples, who will sell slightly-more-expensive-than-usual paper under the company's name via Apparently unaware of the fact that the actual show portrays their company as one of small, Scranton-based Dunder Miflin's biggest corporate rivals, Staples will sell the boxes of paper with slogans from the show including "Our motto is, 'Quabity first'" and "Get your Scrant on." 

Obviously this invites numerous follow-up questions, including who our assigned Dunder Mifflin sales associate will be, and if it's possible to wrangle and invitation to the inevitably drunken Christmas party. And, more importantly, is there any chance that a Schrute Farms franchise will be opening soon and available for events? I won't rest until the entire world of this show is recreated for my own enjoyment.