Watch: Stephen Colbert on Dove’s latest under-arm shaving “Shame-o-vation”

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Stephen Colbert has been on a roll lately, first with his tweeting blitz against Jon Kyl and then again with his tips on gay sex. Last night, he nailed it again, and coined a new word in the process. After the release of Dove's newest deodorant product, which promises to make underarms more appealing in five days, he said: "I thought we had reached the peak of making money off of female insecurity, until I heard of this breakthrough shame-o-vation." 

Colbert one-ups the team at Dove and defines some other serious problem areas we women need to address: the area behind a woman's knee or "the leg pit," the "elbow waddle," and the "thumb crotch." Thankfully, he provides some solutions to the problems he cites, such as the thumb thong, which both covers the unsightly area and makes "thumb waxing" a new necessity. Thanks, Colbert, since everyone knows women simply cannot get enough of waxing. Ever.