Stephen Colbert receives FEC approval to form his Super PAC

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Stephen Colbert received FEC approval to form a political action committee, and thus to raise money from donors for the 2012 Presidential campaign. The FEC commissioners voted 5-1 to allow Colbert to form his "Super PAC," and thus receive unlimited donations from Comedy Central's parent company, Viacom, in the form of on-air statements by Colbert to promote his "campaign." So, basically, Colbert won the right to officially self-promote, ad infinitum. 

Outside the FEC's headquarters in Washington, D.C., Colbert addressed the crowd:

Sixty days ago today… a young man petitioned the FEC for permission to form a Super PAC to raise unlimited monies and use them monies to determine the winners of the 2012 elections. I am a Super PAC and so can you!

You can donate to Colbert's cause here