Stewart and Cenac take on the many locations with expletive names.

As if wasn't enough that Rick Perry's fellow GOP candidates are turning on him, Jon Stewart's been giving him a hell of a time. Most of Stewart's jokes have been about his poor debate performances, as well as any other time the Republican hopeful has opened his mouth. But once news broke about Perry's questionably named hunting camp (it's called "Niggerhead Ranch"), the jokes practically wrote themselves.

Stewart talks about his shock that this bit of information is just coming to light now, after Perry's eleven years as Governor (as well as Herman Cain's eagerness to drop the N-bomb as a courtesy to squeamish news pundits). Wyatt Cenac then weighs in on the situation from the shores of Nigger Lake, NY — one of the 100+ locations in America that contain the N-word. Cenac then concludes with a few facts of his own — black people don't make enough maps, Rand McNally was a racist, and even "That fucking lake over there" sounds better than anything with the N-word in it.

Take a look at the clips below to hear even more, including a modified rendition of the national anthem, reflecting our history of giving beautiful places terrible names.

Commentarium (17 Comments)

Oct 04 11 - 12:45pm

Wyatt Cenac has a hell of a singing voice!

Oct 04 11 - 1:55pm
Caw Shun

One would think that some sort of advisor or consultant, or even a friend or acquaintance, would have cautioned Mr Perry that the name of his ranch might not go over well in the media. Maybe someone did so caution him, and he didn't listen? I don't care for him as a candidate, but this minor issue shouldn't be potentially the defining moment of his campaign.

Oct 04 11 - 2:22pm

His father leased it in 1983. the name wasn't official, it was a local place name (also painte don a rock by one of the entrances. Perry joined the lease in '97, but left it in 2007.

Oct 04 11 - 3:08pm
Greg (the real one)

Oh John, they all love how you read what's written for you off of the teleprompter ... you are so talented and funny!

Oct 04 11 - 3:57pm

I wish Perry could read half as well. Maybe he would be less funny?

Oct 04 11 - 4:06pm

I like it when an argument is so baseless it resorts to mocking people's tech.

Oct 04 11 - 4:29pm

As opposed to ah, Bill O'Reilly who, um, never uses a teleprompter right?

Oct 04 11 - 4:42pm
Greg (Riiiight)

Hey guys, don't expect my trolling to make sense.

Oct 04 11 - 4:59pm
Carlos Cabrera

Hey guys, don't expect my trolling to make sense.

- we need this printed below, i'd say every user comment ever written.

Oct 04 11 - 5:19pm

Don't forget me!!

Oct 04 11 - 5:19pm

Me too!

Oct 04 11 - 5:21pm
Koch Brothers

Good work, guys.

Oct 05 11 - 1:33am

It would have been so much funnier if Stewart did the story in his Herman Cain voice. Nothing like racists preaching to the rest of us on the dangers of, well, racism.

Oct 05 11 - 4:12pm
Dill Dough

You tell 'em pubs. YEEEHAW!

Oct 05 11 - 5:03pm

Sut it, troll.

Oct 05 11 - 6:41pm

Yeah! Huhuh. Dill weed!

Oct 13 11 - 6:48am

Thgouht it wouldn't to give it a shot. I was right.