Study Larry David’s “unwritten rules of society”

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Vulture has put together one of the most useful supercuts ever created. It's both comedy gold and a guide for living that truly works. Larry David's genius show, Curb Your Enthusiasm, relies on David's belief in "unwritten rules of society" for much of its comedy. The basic premise of each episode is this: someone does something slightly annoying, violating one of Larry's unwritten rules, then Larry is a dick about it. Now many of his guidelines have been conveniently collected into one video. 

Do you ever wonder how many samples you can request at an ice-cream shop without being an asshole? The answer is two. When you go out to eat and split the check, should your tip match your friend's tip? Yes, you tip in concert (unless you're an asshole). Also, cheek-to-cheek contact between men is always unacceptable.