Summer’s Eve pulls controversial talking vagina ads

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Summer's Eve ad

After receiving much criticism (and even a much-deserved parody on the Colbert Report) for their latest ad campaign, Summer's Eve has decided to pull their controversial commercials. The ads featured racially-charged, talking-vagina hand-puppets (yeah, I never thought I'd have to type that sentence either) and were considered stereotypical by some based on their vocal tone. According to PR executive, Stacie Barnett:

We do not think they are stereotypical, nor did we obviously intend that. However, it's a subjective point of view. There seems to be an important perception out there that they may be, and we would never want to perpetuate that."

Regardless of what you think of the racial implications of the ads, you have to admit anthropomorphic lady parts are pretty creepy (or dare we say douchey?) We're probably all better off now that the airwaves are free of them.