Supercomputer ties with human competition on “Jeopardy”

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First they'll beat us on game shows, then they'll be stealing our spinal fluid for bio-nourishment in their robo-nurseries. Remember this moment, everyone, because one day you'll weep over it: Watson, the supercomputer designed by IBM, appeared on Jeopardy last night and beat one competitor while tying with another. (Thank God — we might have a few years left.) These weren't just any old humans, either: Watson was playing against two of the most successful contestants ever, Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter.

Apparently, the computer — which was not connected to the internet, I should point out — walloped Rutter and Jennings at the beginning, but eventually started to falter:

“Stylish elegance, or students who all graduated in the same year,” the question read.

“What is chic?” Watson replied.


Stupid robot! Watson also repeated a wrong answer already given by Jennings, so it's still having trouble learning. (And loving, I'd assume.) Eventually Rutter tied with the computer, saving humanity a bit of dignity. Of course, last night's episode was only part one; two more episodes of intellectual combat between man and machine air tonight and tomorrow.