"Sweden's Got Talent" naked man parade goes viral

Sweden's Got Talent naked boys dance

After months of floating around the interwebs unnoticed, this video has blown up overnight. It involves a fabulous foursome of guys appearing on Sweden's Got Talent to perform something called The Crispbread Dance. I'm not sure what that's supposed to mean, other than "everyone gets naked on stage and acts out obvious choo-choo train dance moves".

Are these guys part of a gay dance revue or some straight guys who are extremely comfortable with their sexuality? In the end, these kinds of questions are irrelevant... and probably impossible to answer. Just watch:

What I'd like to see even more than this video is the meeting in which they came up with the idea for the performance. "Hey guys, we're going to be on national television and it'll probably be what we'll be known for for the rest of our lives." "Yes, I suggest we take our clothes off, go the full monty, cover our junk with little hats, bend over and hump each other, then make a train engine with our bodies and rock uncomfortably against each other." "Yeah, that sounds about right."

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Oct 26 10 - 2:00pm
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Oct 26 10 - 2:05pm

I vote for extremely comfortable with their own sexuality. Swedes don't have our hang ups

Oct 26 10 - 2:07pm

I'd rather be witness to naked men in Sweden than tattooed dicks in Australia, but that's only me.

Oct 26 10 - 2:39pm
research request.

One of the related videos is a greek version. The Greek guys are hotter, but the female judge was way less amused.

Anyone know which version was first?

Oct 26 10 - 4:21pm

'Undrar vem hon ar?' indeed.

Feb 17 11 - 11:01am

I remember something like this from the early 80's... the Balloon Dance?