TBS comes to its senses, cancels “Lopez Tonight”

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George Lopez cancelled

I guess it's only been two seasons, but it felt like so, so much longer than that. TBS has announced the cancelation of Lopez Tonight. Finally the world will be free of George Lopez and his zany, piñatas-are-hilarious, late-night travesty. And yes, to preempt your question, I have watched his stand-up; it's not that funny and it in no way redeems whatever he was doing on TBS.

When Conan O'Brien moved to TBS last year, ousting Lopez from his 11 p.m. time-slot, Lopez did seem pretty gracious about the whole thing.  But not even the relatively high viewership of Conan's show leading into Lopez Tonight could save it from its cancelation destiny. At time of cancelation, Lopez's show garnered a mere 250,000 adult viewers per episode compared to O'Brien's respectable, though hardly impressive, 750,000. Lopez Tonight ends, mercifully, tonight.  
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