Jimmy Fallon’s comedy genius continues with “Tebowie” character

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There's a reason we keep returning to the Jimmy Fallon well: Jay Leno just can't bring the goods like our boy. On Thursday's Late Night, Fallon debuted a new character made in portmanteau heaven: "Tebowie," a combination of David Bowie (who we've seen Fallon inhabit before) and It Christian quarterback, Tim Tebow.

Tebow has become a ubiquitous, mainstream figure lately, parodied on SNL, honored with that "St. Elmo's Fire" video, and even the subject of his own "Shit Tim Tebow Says" entry. And, setting it all off, the brainchild of bored plankers, "Tebowing" itself, which has rendered the Heisman pose a distant memory. He's already at the Golden Gates, laughing, in a sense, with his on-field success, but up next are the New England Patriots, which, according to "Tebowie," even Jesus can't protect him from. (He'll have to settle for his offensive linemen.)

Channeling Jesus himself, "Tebowie" updates "Space Oddity" from the Ziggy Stardust era, decked out in glam boots, apropos face paint, and Broncos uni. Echoing the SNL skit (and probably offending Pat Robertson once again), we hear Tebow's lord and savior sing, "This is Jesus Christ to Tim Tebow/ Please leave me alone/ Don't you know my day of rest is Sunday?/ And I'm sick of watching all these Broncos games." If, by some "miracle," Tebow and the Broncs can get past Brady and the Pats, you can expect to see more of this.