This terrifying animatronic baby will haunt your dreams forever

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Special effects designer Chris Clarke has created a realistic animatronic baby to use on soap operas in the United Kingdom. Because of laws limiting time on set for child actors and the complications that arise from filming infants (like the fact that no one wants dead babies on their hands) the robot is necessary, cost-effective, and accurate.It is also completely horrifying. 

This video of the skinless, skeletal mutant-cyborg-child twitching all over doesn't exactly help. It's not like Clarke did a bad job of accurately portraying human life — in fact, what's so unsettling is that he did just the opposite. 

"…I design the mechanics to move generically the way a baby does, [and] the rest is getting into the head of the baby when puppeteering it," wrote Clarke. 

Clarke explained that this monster was necessary because babies cannot be under hot set lights for an extended amount of time. 

"It can be the same for [non-premature], healthy babies too," said Clarke, adding an unnecessary but appreciated bit of common sense. (Hang on, though — are there really U.K. television producers pushing to have infants under hot lights for extended periods of time? Savages.)

Anyway, once you see it, you can't un-see it, and it will haunt your dreams and suck all happiness from your soul. Enjoy.