The 15 best signs from the Rally To Restore Sanity

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RepubliCorp signs

Several of your favorite Nerve writers (including yours truly) were are at the Rally To Restore Sanity (And Keep Fear Alive) in D.C. yesterday. I saw all manner of political insults, stupidity and hilarity, often within the same sign.

Here are my favorites from a media roundup:

One sign to rule all signs


I Was A Teabagger Before It Was Cool

That's No Moon

I was told there'd be cookies.

Can't we all just get a bong?

Kitlers Against Hitler Analogies

Don't tread on anyone

A little kid with a sign that said "It's a democracy, not an auction"

A 20-something woman with a sign that said "I masturbate to Christine O'Donnell"

Don't Stomp On My Head, Bro

Another favorite was the pair of girls with signs that read, respectively, "My sister is a Republican" and "My sister is a Democrat"

I Heart Beck's Album Mellow Gold

I like tea (and you're kind of ruining it)

End Glee theme nights

And this one:

Tea Party girl