The cast of “Glee” will be losing (almost all) their clothes on your TV

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Now remember, these characters are technically high-school students, so that's weird. But the actors are actually in their twenties, so you're still free to find them hot. Apparently the cast of everyone's favorite musical fever dream has been hitting the gym extra-hard recently in order to look as good as possible for an upcoming episode that has them stripped to their underwear. What kind of sexy teenage hijinks are these kids getting up to? Imaginary ones:

Without giving too much away, the sequence involves Ashley Fink’s Lauren performing her first solo. When stage fright kicks in, she recalls a nerves-calming remedy that Puck once suggested. I think you can fill in the rest by yourselves.

So, it looks like Lauren — the former background character I expected the show to unceremoniously ditch — will be sticking around. This excites me, especially if it means further nudity. Not that this show has been especially modest in the past — Chord Overstreet, who I'm convinced is actually the creation of a gay scientist who's really into twinks, almost never has a shirt on. But now there will be girls showing skin, too! To the ten straight men who actually watch this show: enjoy!