The Coen Brothers are making a TV show

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Coen Brothers

Breathe deep, guys: Joel and Ethan Coen have a new project coming to the small screen. The pair will be executive producing Harve Karbo for Fox, an hour-long comedy about "a touchy Los Angeles private investigator — and his deadbeat friends in El Segundo — whose cases frequently force him to cross paths with a who's who of Hollywood." 

Unfortunately the Coens won't actually be writing the show's script, which will instead be put together by Phil Johnson, Cedar Rapids screenwriter and a fellow executive producer on the project alongside Brian Grazer and Francie Calfo. 

Some would say that with a plot summary like that, the Bored to Death comparisons are inevitable, but I'd venture a guess that there might be a hint of Entourage and a splash of Curb Your Enthusiasm thrown in there, too. Let the wild speculation begin! Regardless of what other series Harve Karbo turns out to resemble most, the Coen Brothers are adhering to one of the most steadfast rules of literature, cinema, and television: detective stories set in Los Angeles never, ever get old.