The CW is developing a “time-travel-fantasy musical,” unfortunately

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Looks like the next network trying to grab a share of Glee's sweet, Autotune-blessed money piles will be the CW, just in time to watch the TV juggernaut's ratings fall! The channel has just purchased Danny Hollywood, an adaptation of an Israeli series about a documentary filmmaker who travels back to the 1960s to save her musical idol from an early grave. (I… think? I'm going to be honest here, most information about this show is in Hebrew and Google Translate can only do so much. So just go with it, yeah?) The series was a big smash in its home country, running for over 200 episodes.

But the young people who spend their lunch money — that's still a thing, right? I'm ninety years old and need to check these things — on every Katy Perry cover that comes out of Darren Criss's admittedly perfect mouth probably couldn't tell you a single act from Woodstock, so in the U.S. version, the fan only goes as far back as the early '90s. (Lazy.) It's a special moment when your childhood officially becomes far enough in the past to qualify as a time-travel destination, isn't it? Watch out, thinly veiled Courtney Love analog! I bet they'll be coming for you first.

While this idea seems to be wearing bad-idea jeans, there are a few promising notes. (See that? Music joke.) If you're going to adapt something, you may as well start with good source material, and from what I can tell the original was well received. And the U.S. version will be scripted by Burt V. Royal, who has an awesome name and was also the writer of extremely charming Easy A. So get ready for the flannel, the Doc Martens, and the closest approximations of Nirvana songs the production can afford the rights to! It's gonna be hella dank.