The five best things about Glee’s season two premier, “Audition”

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Glee returned last night with "Audition," Ryan Murphy's chance to show us all that the show won't go completely off the rails in its second season. Did it work? I think so — of course, if you've never liked Glee, you probably won't start now. But if you're a fan of the show (and I refuse to use the word "Gleek"; sorry, Fox), there was a lot to like in last night's season premier. Here are the five best things:

1. Long-term problems: Glee had a fear last season of letting conflicts last more than one episode (besides the season-long arcs). But at the end of last night's episode, everyone was still mad at Rachel, Finn was still off the football team, the club's budget was still getting cut, and they had one too few members. I call that progress.

2. Finn's Cheerios audition: I love Cory Montieth, but that was like watching an orangutan try to tap dance. Internet, can I get a GIF of that moment?


3. The cold open: In a nice bit of meta-comedy, the show opened with McKinley High's resident gossip blogger, Jacob, ambushing the club members with questions like, "How do you respond to a recent post on my blog saying your glee club song selections sound like they come from a drag queen's iPod?" and "Did you know there's a forum on my blog that's begging [Mr. Schuester] to stop rapping?"

4. Other Asian's abs: I think I'll let this picture make my point for me:

And that doesn't even show the short-shorts he was wearing. You should really find the video.

5. "Empire State of Mind": Easily the best staged and best sounding song of the evening, this number had the glee clubbers performing in the school's open courtyard during lunch, surrounded by their (mostly) ambivalent classmates. And for those of you who would complain about the Glee-ification of this song: have you heard "Empire State of Mind"? That shit's schmaltzy.

So, all in all, last night was pretty fun. Next week comes the dreaded/anticipated Britney Spears episode, so hopefully they can keep it up.