Why Frank Darabont got fired from The Walking Dead

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Everything was going along swimmingly for Frank Darabont. He had a hit show on a newly respected cable network and lots of renewed interest in his writing and directing style. And yet, there were always whispers rumors of discontent about The Walking Dead — whispers that got a wee bit louder when show's entire writing staff was uniformly fired, and then, a tad louder still, when Darabont was also fired from his job as executive producer of the show. 

New details have come out in The Hollywood Reporter as to why he got let go. Apparently it came down to what it usually does: money, time, and creative differences. Fine, but there seems to be an awful lot of guff about a show that got great ratings and hasn't even had a second season. Couldn't AMC have learned from its crown jewel, Mad Men, and left it alone to either develop or fester organically?

Poor Darabont. What he needs right now is an inspirational speech from God.