“The Simpsons” premiere will host Flight of the Conchords, cast of “Glee”

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"The Simpsons" premiere will host "Glee" cast, Flight of the Conchords

Springfield can get crowded. And when Marge lets Lisa spend a summer at a hip performing arts camp, things hardly get less populated. Comedy duo Flight of the Conchords and a trio of Glee stars will all be guests in The Simpsons' season premiere.

Rachel Berry of "Glee" as a guest on "The Simpsons" season premiere.Mercedes from "Glee" on "The Simpsons" season premiere.

Finn from "Glee" on "The Simpsons" season premiereFlight of the Conchords on "The Simpsons," with Jemaine Clements and Bret McKenzie.

In the episode, titled "Elementary School Musical," Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie will voice a pair of quarreling camp counselors, while the Glee kids will likely be friendly, theatrical bunkmates. But come on, Simpsons writers, just let Lisa go to her liberal arts college already.