The ads for Mad Men have been getting awesomely defaced

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Perhaps you've seen the above ad for the upcoming season of Mad Men just hanging around in your covered bus stop, or your subway terminal, or really anywhere they can fit the image. It's a work of simple and elegant art design, no doubt hinting at the inevitable downfall of our pals at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce as the strict social mores of the '60s give way to the free love of the '70s.

But it's also, as you can see, a whole lot of white space. And when you give people that much white space, they're going to put something in it. In some cases, it's good old fashioned analog Sharpie graffiti. In others, like over at Gothamist, it's a handful of Photoshop contests for people at home to get involved without sullying their hands or risking arrest. But in every instance, the results have been amazing.

Here are my two favorites: