There might be another season of Sex and the City in the works

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Sex and the City

You'd think they'd have learned their lesson when no one liked the screeching, racist mess that was Sex and the City 2, but no, they haven't. The Sex and the City team is reportedly discussing the possibility of another season of the show. 

Reportedly, Sarah Jessica Parker thinks the best way to mitigate the largely awful reaction to the franchise's last movie is to move the show back to television, and "everyone" involved thinks there should be a seventh season before plans for the prequel movie go any further. According to the mole (yes, they're calling their source a mole) that leaked this information to the Daily Mail, show creator Darren Star will still have creative control, and Sarah Jessica Parker will still be producing.

And I couldn't help but wonder how just like that, another classic franchise shed itself of any last trace of credibility.