There will be a musical chairs TV show called Oh, Sit!

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Last September, the gods of Mindless Entertaining Crap bestowed upon us a gift from the television heavens with the CW's announcement that they'd be airing a show called Extreme Musical Chairs. Now, those same gods (who I like to imagine looking like beatific, toga-clad versions of Rock of Love auditionees) have smiled on us once again, after reps for the network announced today that they've renamed the show Oh, Sit! There will be ten gloriously stupid, stupidly glorious episodes.

According to Variety, Oh, Sit! is a "musical chairs for adults" that will transform the popular children's party game into "a physically demanding competition with multiple rounds of elimination set in an indoor obstacle course." The show will feature twenty contestants racing through five grueling obstacle courses as they compete for a chair, while the last person left sitting (!!!) will win a cash prize.

The show will also feature a live band, whose identity will be announced at a later date. Which is code for saying that the producers are waiting for the Dreams from California Dreams to lower their asking price, because only cruel and vengeful gods of MEC would prevent the Dreams from California Dreams from appearing on a nationally televised, extreme musical-chairs competition. Especially one entitled, Oh, Sit!