Thirty million tuned in for “Two and a Half Men” premiere

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Jon Crier, Angus T. Jones, and Ashton Kutcher

Although Charile Sheen did his best to try and kill the beast he helped create, Two and a Half Men still rolls on thanks to actor/beard enthusiast Ashton Kutcher.

If you're reading this, you're probably one of the hundred thousand or so people who think that 30 Rock is the most popular show in America (everyone I know loves it!) and hadn't really heard of Two and a Half Men until Charlie Sheen lost his mind. And if that's the case, I'm sad to report that we're wrong. Our numbers can't come close to the 28.74 million people who started watching this season premiere when it started, along with another 2.3 million who eventually tuned in by show's end, making it the most successful premiere since 2005.

Whether it's morbid curiosity or the media circus around Charlie Sheen's departure and subsequent internet fame, one thing is for sure: Two and a Half Men can draw a crowd. A sad, misinformed crowd who need a laugh track to know when to chuckle, but a crowd.