This Friday is Worldwide Unfollow Charlie Sheen on Twitter Day

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Could the exodus of Charlie Sheen's Twitter followers finally stop the madness? (The madness being our shared obsession with the man, not his own madness. I'm sure even if he lost all his followers and wasn't asked back for more interviews, he'd just scratch his rants in the dirt somewhere, while yelling at birds.) That's what the Village Voice is hoping for with Worldwide Unfollow Charlie Sheen on Twitter Day, which they've declared to be this Friday, March 11.

I didn't realize the man had two million followers, and chances are most will stick around for more of his, erm, aphorisms, but they present some compelling reasons to do abandon the feed:

  • Repeated violence to women (he shot one, he threatened to behead another, and then there are the porn stars. Oh, the porn stars.)
  • Spelling "corner" with a "k."
  • Insulting Thomas Jefferson. Repeatedly.
  • Certain men are now using him as a role model. This is not good.

Look, it is one thing if people want to hold the Situation and Snooki on a pedestal — the tanning and the drinking and the on-and-off jerkiness make them probably not the best choice, but whatever. But please, if anyone out there reading this is looking up to Charlie Sheen, OHMIGOD STOP. Will this movement help prevent such atrocities? One can only hope.