Three new cast members added to SNL

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Paul Brittain

Will Forte's departure must have left an enormous, Macruber-sized hole, as three new players are set to join the cast this fall.

All three are relative unknowns whom have either clocked years either Chicago improvisers, small bit TV actors, or occasional commercial actors (all very desirable qualities in SNL cast members). Meet the new kids below:

Paul Brittain is house teacher and improviser at iO Chicago Theatre. He was also in the NBC show Sports Action Team, below. (I never saw it either.)


Vanessa Bayer was also an iO Chicago improviser as well a Second City performer, but we will only refer to her as "The New Woman."

Taran Killan is the guy you're mostly likely to recognize; he's been on MadTV, Nick Cannon's Wild N'Out, a scrubs spin-off on ABC, and How I Met Your Mother. He was also in the Arianna Huffington-produced political comedy Freshman which was never picked up – both a blessing and a curse.

JD and Jimmy

(Braffs, left; Killam, right.)

This may signal Abby Elliot's promotion as a full-time cast member and full-time Fred Armisen's girlfriend. Hope!

Via The Comic's Comic