Three out of four of the Sister Wives teenage kids say they won’t grow up to be polygamists

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Sister Wives family

Most teenagers don't want to grow up to be like their parents. But that's especially true when your parents are polygamists. That's why it's not surprising that most of the teens of TLC's Sister Wives don't want to follow in their parents' plural footsteps. On this week's episode, daughters Madison and Aspyn noted that while they enjoy being part of a large family, they could never deal with the potential jealousy and resentment that arises from having to share a husband. What's most surprising, though, is that son Logan was less than enthused at the prospect of having multiple wives. Only a teenage boy who was raised with four moms would turn down the opportunity to permissibly sleep with lots of ladies.

It's impressive that these kids can think so clearly and independently about their futures. Chalk it up to decent parenting or good, old-fashioned teenage rebellion. Of course, one teen, Mariah, is super-excited to share her life (and husband) with lots of other women. But still the fact that they can consider lifestyles and relationships outside that of which they're accustomed to is reassuring.