Tina Fey is pregnant with her second child

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Tina Fey

In news that could possibly lend more credence to Alec Baldwin's assertion that 30 Rock is ending after its next season, Tina Fey has just announced that she's currently five months pregnant with her second child. Fey made the official announcement during a taping of The Oprah Winfrey Show that's set to air April 12th.

We're not saying that being pregnant by any means hampers her ability to write, act, or hilariously stuff cheese in her mouth (in fact, it'd probably help that last part), but we couldn't blame the woman if she decides to wrap things up for Liz Lemon and company in order to work on other less-long-term projects, like, say, directing films, as Baldwin suggested. Plus, it'd free up more time to spend with the kids.

No word on whether her pregnancy will be worked into the show's plot lines. If Fey takes a cue from also-pregnant castmate Jane Krakowski, it won't be. But then again, Liz has always been a little bit baby-crazy, so now would be the time for her to get her wish. Oh and on an ironic note, remember that New Yorker piece Fey wrote two months ago where she wondered whether or not she wanted another child? Turns out she was already carrying one.