TLC realizes no one cares, cancels “Kate Plus 8”

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TLC, a channel where people once went to learn things, announced that they won't be renewing their educational program Kate Plus 8, following star Kate Gosselin's transition from normal suburban parent to shameless fame-whore. Sadly, Gosselin's cash cow stumbled, started boring people, and had to be put down. Her ex-husband Jon Gosselin, renowned wearer of all things Ed Hardy, is pleased with the move. Ever since he was excluded from the show and its profits, he's been very concerned about the exploitation of his eight children.

But in all seriousness, Jon and Kate Plus 8 inadvertently ended up being an interesting cultural study. Sure it's zany to watch parents deal with child rearing eight times over, but it was more unsettling to watch what happened when these two seemingly normal and happily married people signed up for reality television. Amidst all that teeth-whitening, carousing, make-overs, and divorce, there were eight actual children living their real lives, likely not reveling in the paparazzi attention their parents seemed to enjoy so much.

So, I'm glad TLC canceled the show. Those children's lives have been altered, I'd say negatively, enough by their "fame." It's just a shame the show ended not because anyone woke up and realized it was morally questionable, but because the Gosselin family stopped being entertaining.