Tony Danza goes back to high school for new A&E series

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Tony Danza

It's a combination of Who's The Boss? and Half Nelson** when Tony Danza takes charge of a Philadelphia high school classroom this fall. The A&E series Teach: Tony Danza is an eight-part saga about the 59-year-old actor's stint last year as a 10th grade English instructor and football coach at Northeast High School in Philadelphia. Apparently, he survived and is back in the Hollywood game — but with a longtime wish fulfilled:

This is just something he's always wanted to do. He found that teaching inner-city school kids was emotionally challenging but because of his care for them, it proved to be his most challenging role yet. Danza also helped coach the football team and organized a fundraiser with the kids to raise money for air-conditioning in the library.

"I just kept pushing them and telling them they could do it and they did. It was amazing," he said. "It was one of the most successful things I've ever done." [Tonic]

Hold me closer, Tony Daa-nza.

**Really, fill in any movie about a hard-working, heart-of-gold high school teacher here.

^Did the students pull a Rob Lowe moment (a la St. Elmo's Fire) and ask him where the good drugs were at?