Trey Parker and Matt Stone air their grievances in new South Park documentary

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Trey Parker & Matt Stone, creators of South Park and The Book of Mormon

Life's not all sunshine and dick jokes at South Park Studios.

The most recent episode, "You're Getting Old," saw drastic changes in both plot and character dynamics. Stan's cynical demeanor along with his parents' deteriorating marriage were largely seen by fans as reflective of Trey Parker and Matt Stone's evolving attitudes about their aging series.

Now with the premiere of their latest episode, the media blitz is on — every commercial and ad has speculated as to whether or not the aforementioned changes will be resolved or even acknowledged.

Adding fuel to the speculative fire, Comedy Central has produced a documentary entitled 6 Days To Air, chronicling the three months leading up to this season's premiere. In the teaser below, we see some of the same anger and frustration Matt and Trey have expressed in countless other episodes such as "Quest For Ratings," where the boys succeed in creating a hit school news show, only to discover that they have to continue performing to that degree — the episode ends when they simply decide to "bail." 

While leaving the burden of their highly acclaimed satire sounds like a relief, the duo have expressed that South Park has become far bigger than themselves — a cultural icon that can stand on its own. And like any proud parent, it seems like they're beginning to look forward to that independence more than fear it.