Alexander Skarsgard naked with Anna Paquin

With the exception of Justin Long (and his long dong), most actors don't do nude scenes for real. In other words, as Alexander Skargard explains, they do it with a sock on (or in the case of his "True Blood" co-star Anna Paquin), with a patch over her so-called naughty bits.

But as he tells Rolling Stone in that slam-bang awesome interview we told you about the other day, Skarsgard has other ideas for how a nude scene should be performed... whether his co-stars are engaged to other co-stars and his behavior could make them uncomfortable or not.

"I don't want a sock around it, that feels ridiculous. If we're naked in the scene, then I'm naked. I've always been that way.

Stephen Moyer is more modest and opts for a sock but just out of regard for others. "I've got nothing to hide... I just think it might be embarrassing for the crew."

[And PS, as we mentioned before, Alan Ball hates Twilight] "To me, vampires are sex," he said. "I don't get a vampire story about abstinence. I'm 53. I don't care about high school students. I find them irritating and uninformed." [Rolling Stone, via HuffPo]


Commentarium (5 Comments)

Aug 19 10 - 9:15am

"With the exception of Justin Long (and his long dong), most actors do nude scenes for real. " — Isn't this the opposite of what you intend to say? Proofread much?

Aug 19 10 - 9:29am

This aint news. Everyone already knows that Skarsgard gets his junk out at every opportunity. God bless Sweden!

Aug 19 10 - 11:26am
Paris (@ Cookiepuss)

Hell to the yes!

Aug 19 10 - 11:35am

Yes, but will we get to see it??!!!

Aug 19 10 - 12:00pm

We don't care if it's NEWS, we just want all the Skarsgard the law will allow.