“True Blood’s” Ryan Kwanten rescues bloody man lying in the street

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Leave it to True Blood's hunky, albeit dumb-as-a-brick, Jason Stackhouse to save the day. Ryan Kwanten (who plays Stackhouse) recently rescued a bloody man lying in the middle of the street in Hollywood. According to one bystander, Kwanten jumped out of his car and rallied onlookers to help move the man on to the sidewalk until medical help arrived. The only thing that could've made this heroic action more awesome is if he'd been rescuing the guy from vampires or werewolves. Or if he'd done it shirtless.

This latest celebrity rescue is probably all we'll be hearing from the True Blood crew for at least a couple of months, as the fourth season is set to premiere on June 26th. Until then we'll wait with bated breath and fantasize about being saved (both sexually, and now literally) by the insanely attractive cast.