Upcoming “Gossip Girl” episode set in a performance of “Sleep No More”

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I haven't really seen Gossip Girl in years, falling off the show's wagon sometime after the second season. But having recently caught a few episodes thanks to a new roommate, I can say it looks pretty much the same except I have no idea what's going on. (Dan is a best-selling author? And Blair is pregnant? And Wallace Shawn is there? Sure, why not!) But it's still about pretty people in pretty clothes and how much they all hate each other/want to screw. And now, they'll be hating each other and screwing each other during a performance of Sleep No More:

“It took months to get it together,” executive producer Josh Safran tells EW exclusively of the super-secret filming of the episode. “It was incredible to use their space, their actors… the whole thing. We like to do a masked ball every year, and this just dials it up so many notches. We were very much attuned to keep Sleep No More‘s secrets. At the same time, they were also really helpful in letting us utilize stuff that they maybe normally wouldn’t. We shot there for two days — several of the rooms, different floors.”

(In case you're wondering about how an episode can be set during the performance of a play: Sleep No More is an interactive, immersive staging of MacBeth that takes place in a complex of over 100 rooms, with the audience free to go wherever they please.)

While I haven't always thought Gossip Girl was good TV, I do appreciate that it recreates its setting of New York City reasonably well. Sure, it's a very specific part of NYC — the mega-rich part — and it's often about one to two years behind on its "cool" references, but its track record is better than most. I mean, have you seen the way 2 Broke Girls portrays Brooklyn? It's embarrassing.

So that's why in some ways I think it's kind of cool that the show and its beautiful faces will be visiting Sleep No More, which has pretty much been the hot ticket in town since spring. (Even though I'm sure that Serena, Blair, et al. wouldn't be caught dead there so late in its run.) I mean, it also obviously makes me want to vomit a little, because gross. But what can I say? I contain multitudes.