Urkel really wants to be on Breaking Bad

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When I'm watching Breaking Bad, I often find myself thinking, "You know, that severed head on a turtle is pretty cool, but this show would be, like, fifty times better if Jesse's neighbor was Urkel." Well, Jaleel White (aka Urkel himself) thinks so, too. In an interview at the Television Critics Association press tour, White told TheWrap that he "would love to be on Breaking Bad."

It seems White's favorite show currently on TV is Breaking Bad, and he wants in. Hopefully AMC has read this pitch:

"I would love to be on Breaking Bad. I would love to be on Breaking Bad. But one of the things about it also is Walter White, for a generation, he is Malcolm's dad. So when people want to talk to me about typecasting, I'm like don't talk to me about typecasting before you give me the opportunity to work with some of the finest writing there is out there. He's a terrific actor. Gosh he's a terrific actor. But before the show aired, let's be honest: Not too many movie studios would have considered putting him opposite George Clooney. Because he was Malcolm's dad. I don't play those kinds of games."

He makes a pretty fair point, and for all I know he'd be a perfectly adequate meth head or perhaps a Pollos Hermanos employee. But I just can't stop picturing Urkel spilling a vat of chemicals or accidentally shooting a cartel member and wheezing, "Did I do that?"