“Vampire Diaries” new ad campaign prompts viewers to “Catch VD”

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The Vampire Diaries

If you are one of the unlucky few who hasn't caught VD yet, welcome to a primer on double entendre. The CW's hit show Vampire Diaries has stirred up some controversy before its second season with an ad campaign which includes the suggestive slogans, "Catch VD" and "Got Wood?"

Despite claims from the network that VD harmlessly refers only to Vampire Diaries, and that wood happens to be the material of choice for vampire-slaying stakes, the gratuitous heavy panting and horizontal dancing in the ads seems to suggest something else. 

While this may not be much of an issue for some of the CW's younger viewers, who are busy protecting themselves from STDs nowadays (or even STIs, in some cases), anyone who lived — or dated — during the '80s and '90s knows "catching a VD" (or, you know, venereal disease) isn't exactly something you look forward to on TV. No points awarded to the CW for subtlety or creativity. But frankly, sex sells — you know it, I know it, and the people who write vampire shows sure as hell know it.