VH1 comes to its senses and benches Celebrity Rehab

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Did you start the morning feeling slightly more hopeful for humanity? I did, but only because I read the news that VH1 has taken Celebrity Rehab off its schedule for the foreseeable future. If you've never seen Celebrity Rehab, know that it is perhaps the lowest of the reality TV low. Lower than Temptation Island. Lower than The Swan. Lower than Animal Hoarders, though probably just barely. If you think watching Jersey Shore is troubling because you're pretty sure the cast members need help, imagine what it's like to know they need help, and yet you're watching them get treated by the doctor from Loveline when they're not cracking wise with Heidi Fleiss and the drummer from Guns N' Roses.

The show was a success for the station — it even had a spin-off, Sober House — and completed its fifth season this summer. Unfortunately, 2011 also saw two of the celebrities who appeared on the show die due to drug overdoses. Mike Starr, former bassist for Alice in chains, passed away in March; Jeff Conaway, probably best known as Kenickie from Grease, passed away in May. (A note for the producers of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: apparently, it's only once two of your cast members (well, former cast members) die that it becomes unseemly to keep on keepin' on.)

Of course, the network doesn't mention the deaths in its official statement, instead focusing on the demands of Dr. Drew's other commitments:

A VH1 rep says the Celebrity Rehab programs are not cancelled and future editions are off the schedule due to scheduling issues. The network has previously paused reality shows such as Celebrity Fit Club and revived them after a year or more. Host Dr. Drew Pinski is focusing on his daytime CW talk show, Lifechangers.

So it might come back? Is that a threat, VH1? Please, let's keep this civil. And please keep this show off the air.