Viral video star shows up on “The Good Wife” viral video-ly

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The Good Wife is considered by many to be one of the best dramas on TV right now — thoughtful, complex, and much more than another show about lawyers. I thought this too, even though I've only seen a handful of episodes. Maybe that was why it was, um… odd, to say the least, when I heard that noted viral-video dancing girl Anne Marsen showed up on the most recent episode. But lots of people use internet videos as a stepping stone to actual acting careers, right? So maybe it's not that weird?

No, it is. Because her character ended up doing the same weird dancing from Marsen's video. On the subway. And called it "Bollywood." It is just as bizarre as it sounds:

For reference, here is Marsen's original video, in case you were thinking they made her dancing particularly free-style-ish for some sort of show-related reason:

It's too soon to tell exactly what her character means for the show, but somehow I just can't imagine she'll be dancing at every appearance. Do you think we can get the Double Rainbow guy on Breaking Bad next?