Was Vincent Van Gogh murdered by a gang of children?

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Vincent Van Gogh self-portrait

The art world hasn't had this much excitement since Marina Abramovic filled the MoMa with dozens of real-live naked ladies. A new book, which popped up for the first time last night on 60 Minutes, claims that Vincent Van Gogh did not actually commit suicide, as everyone has believed for the last 120 years, but rather was shot by a group of local children

The theory was proposed by Steven Naifeh and Gregory White Smith in their new book, Vincent Van Gogh: A Life. A few days before his death, Vincent staggered up to the inn where he lived with a bullet wound in his stomach. (He eventually died from it, after a few days in the hospital.) According to the book, doctors noted that the bullet seemed to have been shot from a gun a good distance from the artist's body, and when the police asked him if he'd shot himself, he said "I believe so" and then asked them not to accuse anyone else, as if protecting the guilty. 

The evidence for the gang-of-evil-children theory, however, does have a few holes: while there were some local teens who teased and tormented Van Gogh, and while they might have had a gun, there were no eyewitnesses. And as inclined as I am to believe that kids are mean and capable of anything, that's hardly waterproof evidence that they shot him. 

Art historians have been quick to point out that this theory, if it true, doesn't really require a massive re-thinking of the artist's work. He was either a depressive man who struggled with mental illness and then walked into a wheat field and shot himself in the chest… or, a depressive crazy man who got shot by a bunch of kids and then covered up for them, in essence because they'd done him a favor. A miserable, sad, crazy man, any way you slice it.