Old man invades press conference, asks about “sexy” Erin Andrews

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Erin Andrews

Sports reporter Erin Andrews is only just now getting past all the drama of last year. Andrews was the subject of a nude-video leak that briefly burned up the web until it was revealed that a creepy guy had filmed it through a hole in his hotel-room wall. That asshole pled guilty and Andrews probably thought she'd put the whole incident behind her… until now.

Les Miles, who coaches the LSU football team, is a pumped up, friendly guy, especially when his team wins. So, he was feeling generous the other day when eighty-six-year-old (retired) sportswriter Ted Castillo called out with a question. Most retirees don't get access to sports figures like Miles, but Castillo was a longtime freelancer for the Baton Rouge Advocate and so he and Miles go way back (I'm guessing).

Castillo: What is it like to be, and you can take the Fifth on this, but what is it like to be interviewed by a sweet, young thang like Erin Andrews?


Miles: If they had given that job to some old, big, ugly man, it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun. But what a joy it is to represent LSU in the postgame with victory and to celebrate victory in a postgame interview with a very talented, very attractive woman.

Castillo: You know they nabbed the guy who was filming her through the keyhole.

Miles: I’m not going to go there, Ted.

Castillo: What I’d like to know is how that guy pulled that off. Because I’ve been peeping through keyholes for years and I’ve yet to see anything but a blank wall.

Miles: Ted, damn if I’m not impressed with your candor. I’m with ya.

Is this for real? I'm sorry to say there is — and there's video (see below). Just because we have greater equality in the workforce doesn't mean we have made any advancements in the locker room… or so it seems.