Watch: a collection of almost every “Hey Brother” uttered by Buster Bluth

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Buster Bluth

There has been so much anticipation, so much disappointment, so much bottled-up grief surrounding the on-again off-again possibility of an Arrested Development reunion. Now that all hope is buried and done with, we could use a good eulogy. This eulogy could take the form of angry anonymous snipes at Michael Cera for agreeing to do the movie or not agreeing to do the movie or being successful in general, but it would be better if our feelings were channeled into something more productive.

This productive thing is a collection of Buster Bluth's many weird, creepy, and oblivious-about-being-creepy "Hey Brother" 's over the span of three seasons.

Were you recounting all the varied storylines with each "Hey Brother," "Hey Hermano," "Hey Possible Nephew"? You were.