Watch: A new preview of James Spader on The Office

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Don't fret, it won't sate your hunger entirely —  the new preview of James Spader on The Office contains mostly old footage from last season. It will, however, whet your appetite. Spader, of course, will join season eight of the show as the office's CEO, replacing Steve Carell's Michael Scott

The new clips is set to Duffy's sexy song "Mercy," and is cut like a mysterious indie film, which is totally appropriate to Spader's special brand of sexy creepy. Yes, even when slightly puffy and clearly aged suspiciously poorly since Secretary, Spader's still got it. The question is, is it enough to save the thoroughly beaten horse that The Office is? Will you watch NBC's Thursday night trump card this fall?

I'll be watching, mostly because Zach Woods' gangly, wide-eyed allure is so hard to resist.