Watch: Alison Brie sings karaoke, gets sexy with “Community” co-star Gillian Jacobs

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Before you ask: they are two different videos. But seems like Alison Brie is really attempting to lock down your love right this second, no matter which side of Brie you're into. Do you like the cute, charming Alison Brie, the one with the Disney-princess eyes and the mellifluous voice? Then you'll enjoy this clip — shot in a bar in Ann Arbor, Michigan — in which Brie belts out "Total Eclipse of the Heart" with actress Emily Blunt:

But what if you like sultry, sexy Alison Brie? You know, the side of Alison Brie who would write an essay about her wild sexual experiences in college? You're in luck too, because GQ has released this behind-the-scenes video of Brie getting sexy with her Community co-star Gillian Jacobs for the magazine's upcoming comedy issue. Basically, if you have ever wanted to see these two star in what amounts to faux-lesbian '60s erotica, today is really your day:

And I just wouldn't be myself if I didn't take a moment to add: these two look very good and all, but maybe GQ could include some funny ladies in their comedy issue without putting them in lingerie and making them spank each other with spoons? Because it kind of shifts the focus… totally away from how funny they are and onto how hot they are? As if a woman can be funny but it's only interesting if she is also hot?

The brief interview with the two women does nothing to fight this feeling: it's all sex talk and double entendres. …Sigh. Just remember, everyone — these women are great at what they do on Community: